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Ambassadors of hope

Beggining | Ambassadors of hope

"Solidarnost" leads addicts to their recovery and rehabilitation. "Ambassadors of Hope" is one of our initiatives, whose mission is to support the rehabilitation of addicts. Our desire is to make this initiative a broad social movement in favor of the rehabilitation and the social re-integration of addicts.

We want to objectively inform the public about our program and the available forms of treatment and rehabilitation for addicts. We wish to encourage the involvement of more people who can donate money and resources toward the rehabilitation of addicts.

Our prospective donors become "Ambassadors of Hope", not only because they have chosen to allocate some of their funds to a good cause, but also because they initiate a social change, through their public demonstration that there are people out there who are actively concerned with what happens to our society’s children.

One of the founding principles of most effective modern treatments for addiction is that of mutual cooperation. We believe that it is possible to derive this principle from the closed environment of therapeutic communities and to offer it to the living fiber of our society. The more sponsors show their commitment, responsibility and maturity to society at large, the more hopeful will be the families of addicts and society at large. To quote an Eastern parable, "Not a single leaf can turn without the tacit consent of the whole tree."

Therefore, "Ambassadors of Hope" is a shared initiative – it allows for open dialogue and action among various social strata.

The "Ambassadors of Hope" project is aimed at:


-          Businesses - through supporting a socially-meaningful idea, they can add value to their brands;

-          Artists who wish support us and demonstrate that their works can be an alternative to addictive behavior and thus support our drug treatment therapies and help improve our society;

-          Donors (donor organizations) from the NGO sector, which are close to our philosophy and mission;

-          Bulgarian mothers and fathers, because the family is a big part of the solution to the problem of addiction. By supporting us, they support their children`s fight against addiction;

-          Young people in Bulgaria who, joining the initiative, would express commitment to help their peers and friends and would form the basis of a future in which drugs are of less and less importance.

As an expression of gratitude, our donors will receive a symbol of the "Ambassadors of Hope" – a white silver swallow. Everyone knows the story by patriotic Bulgarian author YordanYovkov, "Over the wire". We believe that Bulgarian hearts harbor enough warmth and compassion to open up to the hope for a cure for people with addictions. As an "Ambassador of Hope" you would give young people who are in our center a lot more confidence and strength to find the road to autonomy and self-realization.

Under the "Ambassadors of Hope" initiative, we foresee more:

-          Media publications and discussions on relationships

-          Participation in interviews, radio and television broadcasts that are intended to inform the public about what constitutes addiction, what are the ways to treat addicts and what is the current situation in Bulgaria

-          Charity concerts, theater, exhibitions, happenings, jam sessions, the proceeds of which will go to fund Operation “Solidarnost Program."

Previously on "Ambassadors of Hope”:

-          Charity concert at the Catholic Cathedral in Sofia on 12.06.2011

-          Media reports and interviews in "Arka" newspaper, "Standard" newspaper, "Health for All" newspaper, "Horizont" and "Hristo Botev" radio stations, Sofia Radio, radio RFI, bTV, Channel 1, BBT, PRObg TV channel, www.teenproblem.net and others.

-          Open Day with "Solidarnost" in June 2010

-          Participation in techno party with DJ Balthazar, Plovdiv 2009

-          Capoeira in South Park in partnership with Syuanguey Club, Sofia 2009

-          Initiative "Knowledge Saves Ahead of the Lessons of the Street", in partnership with Huts JWT, ABC Design and Communication, Metroreklama, Remotiv, Dir.bg, Mail.bg, Sofia, 2008

-          Debate and installation works of the participants in the rehabilitation program "Solidarnost" at The Red House, Sofia, 2007

-          Independent charity painting exhibition of Nikolay Roussev in the city of Charleroi, Belgium, Gallery "David Hocquet" – through Therapeutic community Trempoline - November-December 2006

-          Independent charity painting exhibition of Nikolay Roussev in the city of Charleroi-Belgium, Gallery Espace Wallonie. With the support of the Region of Wallonne and Therapeutic community Trempoline – May-June 2006.

-          Independent Christmas charity painting exhibition of Nikolay Roussev at gallery "Natalie" – Sofia, with the support of The International Women’s Club - Sofia - December 2005

-          Joint exhibition with the participation of PlamenVassilev, Nikolay Roussev, Michael Kotcheff and others – October 2004 – in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture