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Therapeutic Community Trempoline - Belgium

Their role in the partnership is to assist in some aspects of philanthropy, to provide team training to “Solidarnost” in Bulgaria and in Belgium, and to supervise the work of the team twice a year. Trempoline is a member of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities (EFTO). Its General Director, Mr. George van der Straaten, is the Vice President of EFTO. Trempoline played a significant role in the development of the model and the methodology of therapeutic communities, and we are proud that we are their students.



Initiative for Health Foundation

This is an NGO working to reduce the collateral damage of drug abuse. The team of the Initiative for Health Foundation assists us by directing customers to our program. We work together in the field to motivate clients to seek treatment.

Caritas Foundation - Sofia

Caritas - Sofia helps us spread our promotional materials, as well as through directing addicts to our programs. Caritas distributes tests and provides medical examinations to users and addicts who have no health insurance. We provide them with field work materials and information to distribute among users.


P.U.L.S Foundation - Pernik

Together with the team of P.U.L.S, we conduct information and consulting sessions among drug users.

"Mothers Against Drugs" - Plovdiv

 The Association of mothers of addicts directs young people in need of our services to the programs of “Solidarnost”. We participate in joint operations and training along with the mothers from the Association.

Department of Toxicology and Allergology at the Military Medical Academy - Sofia

 The clinic is part of our network for detoxification. We refer addicts who are motivated to start treatment with them. The “graduates” of their physical therapy during withdrawal return to "Solidarnost" for further rehabilitation.

State Psychiatric Hospital Dr. Georgy Kisyov-Radnevo

 They provide hospital resources for our clients who have difficulty in accepting treatments for physical withdrawal and need a closed environment. SPH-Radnevo, on the other hand, refers to "Solidarnost" clients who have completed the program during their short-term hospital stay, and need ongoing rehabilitation and re-socialization