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Through its structures, “Solidarnost” Association provides a number of services to people using and abusing various substances, and who may be addicted to drugs, alcohol and gambling, as well as support to their families:

•    Treatment program – “Solidarnost” Programme for Rehabilitation of Addicted People was founded in 2003 and works with people addicted to drugs, alcohol and gambling, as well as with their parents and relatives.
•    Information and Consultation Center "Ambassadors of Hope" was created in 2006 and is our department for information, consultation and orientation of people abusing or using drugs, of addicts and of their loved ones.
•    The National Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling Helpline was established in 2009 and provides telephone and Internet information and consultation.
•    The low-threshold center “Posoka” (“Direction”) House was established in 2015 and provides free services to people in the active phase of using or abusing drugs and alcohol who have not yet taken a decision to enter a treatment.