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I managed!
From banal, ugly, sick and degrading, the story about my addiction to drugs has become a story about joy and satisfaction from being myself and living my life. Of course I had to go through the struggles, doubts and the attempts to "escape"… the failures ... but ultimately I chose freedom.   I will not describe the painfully well-known details about the reality of... learn more
Just because it is possible
I am now 35 years. I can say that I live well and I have no more problems than the usual norm for everyone. I have a job, a family, friends, opportunities, and I can deal with almost anything. That wasn’t so, however, more than four years ago, because I had the misfortune of becoming addicted to drugs. For a long time people said to me that I`ve chosen this lifestyle myself and that I... learn more
How did "Solidarnost" help me
The first time I entered the community of the "Solidarnost" I was quite amazed by the atmosphere and especially the team of specialists. I`ve been in the Hospital for mental diseases “Suhodol” and heard stories about other rehabilitation programs and therapeutic communities for addicts but what I expected had little to do with reality at “Solidarnost”. It was... learn more
There is hope!
Hello,   I`m 28 and relatively young! I grew up in a family of smart and intelligent people, but despite my good upbringing, I still fell into the trap of alcohol addiction. My serious alcohol abuse and my loss of self-control over its use started about 7 years ago, and I have been addicted to alcohol for about 10 years. I admit that it is really hard to write these lines, because... learn more
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