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Solidarnost (Solidarity) Association works in the sphere of alcohol, gambling and drug addiction treatment.
Its main activity is developing a programme for rehabilitation and re-socialization of substance-dependent people. Solidarnost Programme is a day therapeutic community established in 2003 with wide experience in treatment and recovery from heroin addiction.
Our programme is an open non-residential programme (a day centre). Our clients stay in the Centre from 9.00 h to 17.00 h on work days. During this time they take part in various ateliers, discussions, training seminars and therapeutic groups; they share their problems, caused by the dependence on drugs, alcohol or gambling, and the difficulties they experience in searching for alternatives to the addiction.
The programme is drug- and violence-free space; it offers a safe environment where a small group of people with identical problems are learning to help one another, accept themselves as they are, understand themselves and talk about their needs. Despite their fears of failure, they receive from the group and the therapeutic team acceptance, support, assistance in coping with real life situations and training in social skills.
The programme is voluntary; one can attend it or leave on their own free will. The optimum duration of the recovery process is 12 months followed by a 6-month re-socialization.
The programme is socially oriented. We do not place high-level admission requirements.
Solidarity Programme is legitimate. It is established in compliance with the standards of the National Anti-Drug Strategy and the contemporary world experience. We are awarded with a statement for good practice by the National Centre for Addictions and a license for social work by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

Supervision and Monitoring


Our programme is supervised by one of the most experienced contemporary programmes, Trempoline, Belgium, www.trempoline.be, and by d-r Kimon Georgiev.. Our work with families and relatives is supervised by Mr. Roumen Georgiev (Psychotherapy Institut of Social Ecology of Personality) and Mrs. Zlatka Mihova (New Bulgarian University). The National Center for Addictions monitors our activities, which guarantees that we keep the standards for good practice.



Solidarnost is a member of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities (EFTC), the European Foundation of Drug Helplines (FESAT), the European Companionship in Education, training by travel (ECEtt), and the National Patient`s Organization (NPO). Solidarnost is a bearer of the 2007 Project of the Year prize of Lale Foundation.

Structures of Solidarnost Association


  • Information and Consultancy Centre Ambassadors of Hope, established in 2006 with a project financed by the National Centre for Addictions
  • National Drug Helpline, www.drugsinfo-bg.org, a telephone line for information, consultations, support and advice: 0888 99 18 66. The project is financed by the MATPA programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for the period 2008-2010
  • Rehabilitation Programme for drugs and alcohol addicted people, established in 2003
  • Resocialization Programme, established in 2004
  • Service for work with parents and relatives of addicts, established in 2004
  • Low-threshold Center “Posoka House”, established in 2015

Managing Board (MB):
Valeri Ivanov, MB Chairman, lawyer;
Ruud Bruggeman, MB member, monitoring and supervision, drug addiction expert’;
Tanya Gerganova, MB member, in charge of the work with parents and relatives, architect;
Elena Nikolova, MB member, Executive Director of Solidarnost Association